Take the Property Management App Anywhere

Take the Property Management App Anywhere

Published on: 18-12-2013 | by Misty in property management app, strata management software, property maintenance app, strata maintenance app, mobile forms, iPad forms, paperless, mobile workforce, digital forms

Ensuring that business practices and customs are kept compliant can be troublesome for business owners, especially if they are constantly on the go. The state of technology has transformed the work environment to exist outside of the scope of the office. Business owners are now taking control of their affairs outside of the four walls of their office and doing work at home or while they are traveling.

The property management app helps you keep abreast with your records outside of the office, using mobile forms that you can access anywhere so you can continue working at your own leisure. With the development of iPad forms through an easy-to-use application, important decisions can be made quickly, ensuring that company policies are kept compliant and the pace of business continues uninterrupted.

By going paperless, business owners can move at a much quicker pace, dealing with affairs as they crop up instead of having to perform maintenance manually. Real-time updating ensures that everything is taken care of when it needs to be and that records are kept consistent throughout the company.

Mobile Access

Our strata management software makes it easy for business owners to be on the go while taking care of business matters. Your mobile forms can be accessed through smart phones or tablets in order to make changes to records, distribute new files, or dispatch jobs to other workers without even being in the office.

The integrated nature of the cloud system creates files that are always updated and always available for use. The right reports can be generated effortlessly so that you can have more time to make important decisions to run your business successfully. From time sheets to log books, all of your important forms can be kept securely and edited quickly to maintain a certain level of professionalism that is required in the business.

The Cloud System

The use of cloud technology for the property maintenance app allows users to have access to their files without the use of a network. Internet is not required for control to be exerted over documents, ensuring that all activities and events are kept up to standard, especially those of a time-sensitive nature. Increase efficiency and maintain a high level of professionalism by responding to changes in a timely manner.

You can also control your paperless files using the property management app without the need for Internet access. Whether it's from a remote location, traveling on the train, or in a different country, you can still retrieve records and documents assign new jobs to your mobile workforce.

The strata maintenance app makes it easy to create digital forms of all the necessary files in your business. Now you have the means to access these files from any location with your customized web-based management portal. Business doesn't stop simply because you don’t have a network access point. You can take control of your files and update company documents at your convenience.

Now you too can take the property management app anywhere. Find out how. Take Our Tour today!


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