Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Why Should You Buy It?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Why Should You Buy It?

Published on: 24-10-2016 | by Misty in Microsoft Surface Pro 5

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Based on reports released early this year, many were convinced that the second major update to Windows 10 was delayed until next year’s spring in order to coincide with a hardware launch which could include the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Considering the unpredictability Microsoft has shown during its previous Surface Pro launches, it wouldn’t take a stretch of the imagination to think the tablet’s roll out could be pushed back a few months.

This delay could be very much possible, particularly with Intel’s announcement that its Kaby Lake processor would be available by the end of 2016.

But the question is, is the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 really worth the long wait?

Tech Radar points out that users can capitalize on the tablet’s ability to play Xbox games, though it just may not have enough muscle in the graphics department to do the job well.

Users also fear that with the Surface Pro 4’s limited battery life, which only lasted for five hours and 15 minutes during a video playback test, its next iteration might also encounter the same issue.

And based on Microsoft’s promise of at least nine hours of video playback, it might be reasonable enough to ask that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 should have at least nine hours of battery life.

Techies are also pining for the next-gen tablet to feature a 4K screen that could boost productivity and entertainment to the next level.

What about the Surface Pro’s keyboard cover?

Although this accessory has always been an integral part of the tablet’s experience, it doesn’t come for free, noted CNET.

Would it therefore be possible that this accessory could be tucked into the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro’s base price?

When it comes to connectivity, there are speculations the device might also include a USB C port, as well as the single USB 3.0 port, Mini DisplayPort for video, microSD card slot, and audio jack.

There are reports the basic Microsoft Surface Pro 5 model will sell for $899, the Intel Core i7 model for $999, and the i7 Extreme version for $1,599.

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