How to Use the Strata Management App

How to Use the Strata Management App

Published on: 01-01-2014 | by Misty in strata management app, strata management software, property management app, paperless forms, digital forms, mobile workforce

Integrating all of the data contained within the files of a business into one coherent form can be troublesome for any business to accomplish on its own. Paper trails have to be followed, updated files have to be double checked, and all files need to be uniform throughout the structure of the company. This can take a lot of time and effort to complete, and even then, the process isn't perfect. That's where the strata management app comes in.

Business owners have been looking for a secure and easy way to ensure that all of their forms and files are consistent across the board. Office memos became the normal method of informing all essential parties within a company of alterations being made to files, or new client files that are being generated. Over time, this can use a lot of paper and is, generally, and inefficient way of exercising management control over one's business. The use of paperless forms has made this process much simpler.

Strata management software provides you with complete control over the integration process of documentation and reports. Data can be kept secure and updated in real time, eliminating the need to send out notifications. These digital forms can also be accessed from anywhere and at any time, with the technology of smart phones and tablets at your disposal.

Use a Wide Range of Tools

The use of paperless forms and reports of every kind are now available at the click of a mouse or the touch of a button. Our property management app is capable of generating time sheets, job order forms, log books, minutes of meetings, and application forms, just to name a few. The E-Library is vast, and can hold all of the important files that you will need for your business to thrive. Standard reports are provided for ease of use; but, customized files can be created in order to meet the needs of the business and its practices.

With the use of the ‘cloud,’ forms and reports don't have to be distributed around the office. Instead, your mobile workforce has easy access to all of the files when they are needed. This will increase the efficiency in your workplace and ensuring that all matters are compliant with company policies.

The Benefits of the ‘Cloud’

With the strata management app, it's much easier for your business to go paperless with all of the necessary forms provided at your convenience. Professionalism and time management are also maximized as you are able to dispatch jobs through the use of a mobile device.

Customers enjoy timely service so managers can provide ultimate customer satisfaction with easy access to digital forms from any location. The cloud system also eliminates any hiccups that might occur in the system that would occur with Internet access. Files can be accessed from anywhere, even from very remote locations.

The strata management app can make it easy for you to exercise control over all of your files, ensuring that your business is compliant and consistent across the board.

Discover more ways to use the strata management app to promote efficiency and productivity in your business. Take Our Tour today!

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