How to Secure Company Data with Strata Managers App

How to Secure Company Data with Strata Managers App

Published on: 07-05-2014 | by Misty in Strata Managers App, Strata App, Strata Community App, Strata Community Software, Strata Management App, Property Management App, Strata Maintenance App, paperless, mobile forms, mobile workforce, paperless forms, smart forms

SYDNEY, Australia May 2014 – The brains behind innovative paperless app Formitize has introduced Strata Managers App – now ready for download in app stores worldwide. This Strata Management Software is designed to further improve business productivity and efficiency by making paperwork paperless.

The IT departments of Strata and Property Management businesses can benefit from this app as it eliminates the use of papers, thereby reducing office expenses. Plus, it also offers an easier and faster access of company data and reports as it works on both smart phones and tablets, regardless of geographical location. Users in the city or in remote areas can run Strata App and do some changes in stored files even without Internet connectivity.

How Strata Managers App Helps

With the widespread use of mobile phones, integrating Strata Managers App into any business can only result in significant growth and huge profits. This paperless solution is environment-friendly as mobile forms are used instead of papers. It also saves time as it allows real-time reporting at all levels of data gathering.

Strata Community App allows business owners and managers to easily communicate with their mobile workforce and clients. Users can sync their email address, promoting a faster and more effective communication system. Once jobs are assigned to field agents, there is no need to write it down as administrators can just send the details through the app.

How Secure is Strata Managers App?

Strata Community Software allows users to store company information using its secure web-based management portal. They can convert all the hard copies in the office into paperless forms and then store and organize these smart forms using Strata Management App. Administrators can choose to share only the latest versions of company documents using the app to inform staff about policy and administrative changes. Managers can give their mobile workforce access to relevant files by assigning unique usernames and password. This ensures that all important documents, photos, brochures, and other valuable company information are 100% secure.

Users can run Strata Management App and use its helpful features even without Internet access. They can update and assign job order forms, time sheets, application forms, log books, return to work plans, record of tool box meeting, and everything in between. They can share and access the latest version of all documents and files stored in the Resources e-Library section. With the help of Property Management App, their mobile workforce will receive updated copies of essential company files and documents, anytime, anywhere. Strata Maintenance App can improve businesses without requiring huge investments.

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